The Conference


An inspiring program

During the day you are offered interesting and comprehensive insights along with debate on trends and development on cross border claims across Europe. You may expect inspiring presentations on topics such as the financial guarantee mechanisms within the Green card System and the different rules social insurers apply in compensating MTPL-personal injury cases in France, Germany and Switzerland.  We will also give more insight on post-Brexit tactics of UK solicitors in foreign claims. Listen, learn and discuss!

Wednesday 13 June – 18.00 hours

Start networking during the pre-event
The CED International Conference is also a great opportunity for networking. Therefore you are kindly invited to have dinner with us on the evening before the conference at restaurant Casa Luca Etoile we meet there at 6 pm and start with a drink. A good kick-off to the CED conference!

If you wish to attend the pre-event, please confirm this when registering for the conference or send an e-mail to

Thursday 14 June 09.00 – 12.30 hours

The guarantee mechanisms within the Green card System – by Greet Floré
Although we are experiencing an economically prosperous era, the need for financial guarantees within the green card system remains highly topical. Greet Floré is a privileged witness to the importance and monitoring of the financial capacity of insurance companies and their representatives to ensure that victims are not left out in the cold.

The position of the social insurer in the personal injury compensation process – By Patrick Sorel and Franz Terwey and Thierry Décaillet
Within Europe, the social insurers apply different rules in compensation and recovery in MTPL-personal injury cases. Our three speakers from France, Germany and Switzerland will explain the differences and consequences of each system in the three countries.

12.30 – 13.30 hours – Lunch

Thursday 14 June – 13.30 – 16.00 hours

Post-Brexit tactics of UK solicitors in foreign claims – by Paul McClorry
Faced with the unprecedented situation in the United Kingdom, will remaining EU motor TPL Insurers continue to be exposed to litigation and the associated high costs when Britain leaves the EU? Do we expect British victims of road traffic accidents in the EU to still be able to claim in the UK? Will Brexit create new opportunities for British lawyers and claimants? What financial, actuarial and underwriting impact could Brexit have on EU MTPL insurers? These questions and any other you may have will form part of this interesting topic.

High performance at work – By Cédric Dumont
How to perform under pressure, perform when it really matters, be the best version of yourself, raise self-awareness. It’s about building trust within your team, take calculated risks to progress and deal with failure and uncertainty. From extreme to mainstream, Cedric Dumont shows how to trigger performance, purpose and presence within your work environment.

16.00 – 18.00 hours – Cocktail